Rada wants to establish new military ranks

Sun, 22.12.2019 18:59

The Verkhovna Rada supported the first reading of the bill No. 227 "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the military ranks of military personnel".

This was reported by the correspondent of # Letters.

The draft law proposes amendments and addenda to the Charter of the internal service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the combat regulations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Charter of the garrison and guard services of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine “On Military Duty and Military Service” regarding the establishment of new military ranks senior officers in accordance with the military ranks adopted in leading NATO member countries.

The project, in particular, provides for the introduction of the rank of "brigadier general", "commander-admiral", instead of the rank of "colonel general" - the title of "general", and the title of "general of the army of Ukraine" to cancel.

Source: Letters

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