Rada to consider on Feb 7 changes to Constitution regarding Ukraine's course on membership in NATO, EU

Mon, 04.02.2019 17:39

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy has offered to consider on February 7 amendments to the Constitution regarding Ukraine's course for the acquisition of full membership in the European Union and NATO.

"I propose to consider on Thursday one of the key bills – on amending the Constitution on the strategic course of the state to acquire full membership of Ukraine in the EU and NATO.I'd like to stress: this will be the final, third vote, which requires 300 votes to pass," he said during the Conciliation Council.

He appealed to all factions to mobilize their efforts as much as possible on that day.

"Another issue, which we did not completely address last time, is the draft law on amending Article 133 of the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the renaming of Dnipropetrovsk region," he said, reiterating the fact that there had been two bills calling for renaming the region.

Source: UNIAN

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