Protested against the aggression against foreigners in Kharkov

Wed, 17.06.2015 18:35

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ 15 June 2015 foreigners who are studying in Kharkiv universities, gathered for a rally at the Constitution square in Kharkiv. Students demanded to punish the perpetrators of the pogrom in the night from 11 to 12 June Otakar Yarosh street, injuring 9 people, according to online resource khpg.org.

The protesters were holding posters in Russian, Ukrainian and English: "No to racism and nationalism!", "Please Mr. Governor to send all their forces to catch the criminals!", "Protect foreign students", "Mi for Ob dnano Ukraine", "Protect foreign students". On the picket gathered around 100 people.

Among the protesters - students from Jordan, Syria, Morocco and Libya. To support them came the Deputy of the Parliament of Jordan Mazen Oldalain.

Foreigners, representatives of 15 countries, wrote an appeal to the Ukrainian authorities and the militia with the requirement to protect them in Kharkov. "We fear for his life," said their representatives at the rally."Such mass attacks on foreign nationals in the city has never been," said the picketers.

At the same time two of the four Jordanians, beaten in Kharkiv during the pogrom, flown for treatment in Jordan. It is worth noting that the plane was provided on the personal order of King Abdullah II. On Board was attended by the medical staff: doctors, neurosurgeons, surgeons, and anesthesiologists. Such attention to its citizens is respected.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Jordan Serhiy Pasko immediately called for students, delivered for treatment in Amman. They are now in the intensive care unit of the hospital. King Hussein. The condition of one injured very heavy, and the other has improved considerably.

As reported by one of the students Sergey Pasko, the attackers were many, they were all in masks. Some cause or previous conflict students with local was not. According to Jordanian doctors held inUkraine treatment was timely and of high quality. Serhiy Pasko told the parents of victims that already detained 5 people who are suspected of committing the attack and assured that the guilty will be punished. The diplomat also wished speedy recovery to the injured. 


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