Poroshenko: Maidan was creat a democratic Ukraine

Fri, 20.03.2015 16:19

Kiev/ Ukraine in  Arabic/ Sergio Cantone, Euronews: How, in Your opinion, is it possible to speak of a common position of the European Union and unequivocal support for Ukraine? Do you expect something more? Some say the system is cracked...

Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine:

I don't think so. Still, in the last year, I, as President of Ukraine had the opportunity and had the honor to participate in the meetings of the European Council in June, in September and in February of this year. And I can tell you that European leaders supported Ukraine and Europe speaks with one voice. I hope that if the EU will remain true to its core values, it will continue to exist.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: is it Possible to say that the negotiations on the conclusion of the Minsk agreement, the Russian side and the separatists have promoted the idea of the Federal Ukraine, which is unacceptable for You?

Petro Poroshenko: the Question is not Putin, and not even the President of Ukraine. Who can solve it? Only the Ukrainian people. In our Constitution, our laws are written that Ukraine could receive Federal status only on the basis of a national referendum. At this stage 90% of Ukrainians are opposed to Federal status. Why? Because we are a unitary state and not agree with any pressure in this matter. And I, as President of Ukraine is ready at any moment to organize a referendum on this issue, and - as prescribed democratic tradition - then act in accordance with its results.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: to Stop the war in exchange for the federalization is what they want?

Petro Poroshenko: first, I want to say that we will not accept any ultimatums. Secondly, the decision about the way in which the country will be taking the Ukrainian people. Thirdly, we are now " together with our European, American and other international partners, protect freedom, democracy and independence of our state and will not allow anyone to blackmail us.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: "do Not You think that in accordance with what You just said, would need to deploy peacekeepers in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions?

Petro Poroshenko: Our Parliament has supported my proposal. Not only in regard to the law on the special order of the local government in some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and maps with the dividing line set Minsk agreements dated September 19. It is about a request for peacekeeping operations, to which we appealed to the UN security Council and the Secretary-General of this organization ban Ki-moon to begin negotiations on the introduction of peacekeepers in the Ukraine. Where should they be placed? First of all, on our border, because the border is a key element of sovereignty. We need peacekeepers and in the vicinity of the border to end the supply of arms, the movement of troops and munitions on Ukrainian territory. It is understandable. Second, peacekeepers should be deployed along the buffer zone in order to ensure peace and stability.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: the Problem is that to deploy peacekeepers on the ground without the consent of the other party is no easy task, isn't it?

Petro Poroshenko: No, no other party is not here. This is the territory of Ukraine. We do not accept the idea that another state will decide, will deploy if the UN peacekeeping mission in this place or not. This is very interesting, you can also deploy police mission European Union or, if we are talking about UN peacekeepers, it would be good to mission consisted mainly of representatives of the European Union. We trust our partners, and we think this is an effective way to solve this problem.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: "do you Feel the commitment of NATO and EU commitments in this area?

Petro Poroshenko: Yes, I think so, yeah.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: did You receive support?

Petro Poroshenko: Yes, we feel the support we have received confirmation of this, the only thing... what is the problem? After the annexation of Crimea and after the occupation of Donbass system postwar security and the global security system stopped working. Why did this happen? Because, unfortunately, one of the permanent members of the UN security Council became the aggressor. And therefore, the veto will be used against peacekeepers. That is why we need to discuss all this, as we discussed the situation in Ukraine in Minsk to take a unanimous decision on the peacekeepers. And any arguments against anybody should not be.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: After the Maidan, one of the most important tools for achieving stability was to be effective, the fight against corruption. What can you do?

Petro Poroshenko: War should not be an excuse for not implementing the reforms. To combat corruption, we have attracted the most renowned international experts, to create with them the anti-corruption Committee. The responsibility now lies with the Ministers, the General prosecutors, senior police officers that all cases of corruption investigated in a transparent way. This is the only way by which we can gain the trust of people at this difficult time. You need to build an independent judiciary, to revoke the immunity of deputies or judges that all were equal before the law.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: "But to implement this package of reforms, economic and anti-corruption - the country needs to exit the post-Soviet system.

Petro Poroshenko: People involved in corruption should understand sooner or later, but the sooner the better that it no longer has a protective umbrella and that he will be held responsible. The oligarchs do not accept in our country decisions about its development. And I am absolutely sure that today we live in another state: in a free and democratic Ukraine, which was created on independence during the revolution of dignity. Thousands of people give life, to protect the rights of Ukraine, law reform, on its accession to Europe. This places enormous responsibility on the President, government and Parliament of Ukraine. We are together, we are one country, we are one nation, European nation.


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