Poroshenko discusses with Trump about sanctions against Russia

Thu, 22.06.2017 05:36

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he has discussed with the U.S. President Donald Trump support for Ukraine in countering Russia's aggression and further sanctions policy towards Moscow, according to an UNIAN correspondent "In general, summing up the visit, we can say that the meetings with key players, the main members of the new administration of President Trump, were held during these 36 hours. There was a very long and very informative conversation with Mr. President," he said at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday, June 21.

According to Poroshenko, in the course of negotiations, Trump emphasized the support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and continuation of the sanctions policy towards the Russian Federation.

"The first thing is the support of the United States for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of our state, the support of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression, concrete plans that envisage the preservation and sometimes even the strengthening of the sanctions regime against the Russian Federation, until the Minsk agreements are fully implemented. I think that this is very important and it is not by chance that the United States introduced new sanctions during the visit of the Ukrainian delegation," he said.

As was reported earlier, the meeting between Poroshenko and Trump took place on June 20.

The White House said that the U.S. president met with Ukrainian president to discuss the support for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbas. Moreover, on June 20, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced the expansion of sanctions against six Russians, 21 representatives of militants and companies from Donbas, as well as 11 individuals and entities operating in Crimea.

Source: UNIAN

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