PHOTO: Yemenis in faces

Fri, 17.03.2017 13:44

There was a civil war in 1994, and on May 21 the former leaders of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen proclaimed an independent state in the South, the Democratic Republic of Yemen, but in July an armed intervention by the Southerners was suppressed by the North Korean army.

In addition, the last war that broke out in the country in 2014, preceded the Shiite rebellion.

Shiites are living in the north of the country and demanding autonomy. They argue that they are fighting against the corrupt government of the Sunni majority and the alliance of the country with the United States. The authorities, in turn, accused them of seeking to restore the power of the royal family Zaydi, which was overthrown in 1962.

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Source: ARAB.com.ua

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