PHOTO: Unusual ways of smuggling in Saudi Arabia

Wed, 22.02.2017 19:01

Smugglers have resorted to some desperate measures to try and carry their drugs hauls over the border into Saudi Arabia, including swallowing hundreds of small bundles wrapped in condoms despite the risks of the packages splitting and killing them from a massive overdose.

Now the Saudi authorities have revealed other elaborate methods the smugglers have used to transport illegal substances which also include alcohol, that were foiled border control forces.

Recently the most common substance found has been Captagon tablets, which acts as a mental and physical stimulant. ISIS have previously been reported for having taken Captagon tablets to help keep them awake during the gun battles.

The drug has also previously been found hidden in:

- Sheep’s intestines
- Tangerines 
- Tomatoes 
- Peanut kernels
- Auto parts
- Gas cylinders 
- Lamps
- Books

Source: Al Arabia

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