PHOTO: Students and schoolgirls against police in Kashmir

Fri, 12.05.2017 10:48

It’s now uniform versus uniform in Indian-administered Kashmir as students in school or college uniform fight pitched battles with soldiers in fatigues.

The starkest manifestation of the downturn is Kashmiri girls in headscarves and uniforms pelting stones at security forces in Srinagar alongside rebellious male students for the first time in a region which former American President, Bill Clinton, famously called one of the most dangerous places in the whole world.

School and college-going women have been photographed hurling rocks and bricks, shouting anti-India and pro-azaadi (freedom) slogans and pounding police vehicles with their feet and fists braving tear-gas and retaliation by armed personnel.

Students and security forces have clashed frequently since April 15 when troops allegedly thrashed youths mercilessly during a raid on a college in Pulwama in southern Jammu & Kashmir province.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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