PHOTO: How iranians celebrate Shaban

Fri, 12.05.2017 12:00

Sha'ban is the eighth month of the lunar Muslim calendar, one of the four forbidden months. The Shaban month follows the month of rajab and precedes the month of Ramadan. In the middle of the month the Shaaban celebrates Night Baraat.

For a month the shaban has a summer solstice, which in pre-Islamic times was considered by the ancient Arabs the beginning of the new year. At this time it was tradition to commemorate the deceased. On the fifteenth of the month of Shaban, Muslims celebrate Night Bara'at. It is believed that this night there is a concussion of the tree of life, on the leaves of which the names of all those living on the Earth are recorded. Those whose names are on fallen leaves will die within a year. On this night, Allah "descends to the lowest heaven", answering prayers and forgiving the sins of believers. In the Night of Bara'at, special prayers are offered for the dead and for the redemption of the sins of those who live.

In some Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Iran, distribute food, install illumination.

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Source: arab.com.ua

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