PHOTO: How african tuaregs live

Thu, 16.03.2017 11:48

Tuareg is the people of the Berber group, who live predominantly in the Maghreb countries.

They are traditionally Sunni Muslims. However, they retained many pre-Islamic traditions, such as the matrilineal generic organization, the matrilocal marriage system, and the matrilateral orthocausal marriage. Despite the fact that Tuareg is practicing Islam, where polygamy is allowed, a real Tuareg marries only once in his life.

Women are respected in Tuareg society. Girls from an early age are learn to read and write, and it is permissible for a man to be illiterate. The main occupation - hoe farming (cereals, legumes, vegetables), combined with the breeding of small cattle. Part of the Tuareg, inhabiting the Algerian Sahara and the Tenere desert, wanders with herds of camels and goats.

The Tuaregs are famous for their jewelry decorations: bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. The jewelery is made by the Tuaregs is popular not only in the countries of the Arab world, but also in Europe and even in Indonesia.

A distinctive feature of the nationality is that men cover their heads with a white or blue scarf, which closes the face, only the eyes remain open. 

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Source: ARAB.com.ua

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