PHOTO: Falconry in Kazakhstan

Mon, 12.02.2018 18:57

Almaty hippodrome becomes an annual venue for falconry hunting competitions, whic is, in fact, one of the symbols of Kazakhstan.

Most often, athletes train their pets on hares that have outstanding abilities in fleeing predators, primarily due to speed.

Today in Kazakhstan there is a nursery Sunkar, which is engaged in the cultivation of endangered species of birds of prey. To date, the Sunkar cattery contains more than 430 birds of prey including falcons. Also, the kennel offers rest in the form of falconry, there is a nursery in Almaty, the Almaty-Alma-Arasan route, in front of the ecological post, the "Sunkar" predator bird nursery.

Falconry in Kazakhstan became a prestigious holiday, so in 2013 the government of Kazakhstan issued a permit to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan to carry out falconry hunting for a beautiful bustard with its own falcons. Sheikh was hunting in the territories of the Arys and Karaktau state conservation zone.

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Source: GulfNews

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