PHOTO: Algeria in the beginning of XX century

Tue, 21.02.2017 12:51

XIX century was the milestone of French colonization in some Maghreb countries, including Algeria. Already in 1848 the country was declared a territory of France, divided into departments headed by prefects and led by the French governor-general.

Besides the fact that Algerians came under the management of non-Muslims, many of them lost lands in favor of colonist's management.

Early 20th century was the time of the appearance of Algerian nationalism. A key role in this process had been playing Abd al-Hamid Ben Badis - public and religious leader - who for a long time was engaged in different educational and cultural projects.

In 1931, Ben Badis founded the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulemas which is comprised large number of Islamic scholars, often holding opposing views. He aspired to renew Algerian cultural traditions ​​and oppose to French influence.

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