PHOTO: 19-year-old Kazakh woman will represent the country at the "Miss Universe"

Mon, 02.04.2018 12:04

19-year-old Ekaterina Dvoretskaya from Karaganda will represent Kazakhstan at the contest "Miss Universe-2018".

Miss Kazakhstan 2018 was held in Astana, at the Palace of Peace and Harmony, where the main beauty of the republic was chosen.

"I really want to win a prize for my country. Although I did not win, I will bear my title of first vice-miss worthy.

Now I'm studying at the 2nd year of the University of International Relations and World Languages. Abylaihana. My main task is to finish my studies, get a red diploma, and a modeling one is a hobby, "the girl says.

In the future, she will become a diplomat, an analyst or an ambassador.

Source: NurKz

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