Paris week of fashion defile amazes everyone

Thu, 12.03.2015 13:33

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ To the stylist, with unusual imagination and creative ideas himself refers Christophe Gyurme. Fashion requires new approaches, new ideas. So he created a collection and used in the operation of the laser. "The laser is my tailor's scissors"

“This collection I call “the Black Dahlia” in honor ribbon Martin Ritt, which he took off in the 50-ies, in the movie the main part is played by Sophia Loren.

The idea is to present a retro style “Big Hollywood” meaningful in accordance with the trends and needs of today.

I got the neoprene, it is suitable for dresses in the spirit of the 50's, which I consider in the context of fashion today, because today it is possible to use to cut the laser and other achievements of high-tech.

With a laser you can not only cut, but also to create the texture of the fabric, making it like lace. If I do the same thing using traditional tailoring scissors, comparable accuracy to achieve much more difficult,” explains the designer.

Another issue directly related to the person referred to by the designer Italian actress, a native of Naples, became a star in Hollywood is the abundance of black color, trim lace, Golden color, applique and jewelry.


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