Pakistan's Supreme Court has banned the celebration of Valentine's Day

Mon, 13.02.2017 16:55

On Monday, February 13, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a decision which ban the celebration of Valentine's Day across the country, as well as its promotion in social networks.

The order was issued by the Islamabad High Court on the petition submitted by a citizen Abdul Waheed, whose political affiliation was not immediately known.

The petitioner had urged the court that the Valentine’s Day was not part of the Muslim tradition and its promotions on the mainstream and social media should be banned.

The court accepted the petition and ordered the administration to take action to stop the celebration of Valentine’s Day in the country. It said the order should be implemented with “with immediate effect.” It nominated Ministry of Information, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), and Chief Commissioner Islamabad to ensure that ban was carried out in letter and spirit.

Apart from the government, the print and electronic media have also been warned to stop all Valentine’s Day promotions immediately.

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Source: thehindu.com

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