Pakistani diplomats celebrated national Day in Kyiv

Mon, 30.03.2015 21:57

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ On this occasion, the Embassy of the country organized a gala reception, to which were invited many guests. At the festive dinner was well represented diplomatic corps and the military attache of the majority Muslim States. The evening was also attended by Ukrainian officials, public and cultural figures, representatives of the clergy, community organizations and others.

After the ceremonial hymns of the two countries, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Ukraine Wajahat Mufti Ali addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

First of all, he thanked everyone for coming to the gala evening in honor of the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the resolution on Pakistan. The document was adopted on March 23, 1940 in Lahore. "It was then made a historical decision, which outlined a conceptual framework for the creation of the new state. After 7 years, the dream of establishing an independent state for the Muslims became a reality," said Wajahat Mufti Ali.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as Ukraine is undergoing a critical period in the history of our independence, we the people of Pakistan, we want Ukraine to overcome these hard times and became a magnificent country that has achieved success and fame," added the Ambassador of Pakistan.

The diplomat noted that Pakistan and Ukraine maintain friendly relationship and intend to deepen them: "Our country is ready to support the relationship, and now there is a very good basis to further their development is created by the Pakistani-Ukrainian inter-parliamentary Commission, which has opened up new opportunities for improving relations in such areas as infrastructure, science and technology, energy, as well as in the defense sector". According to Wajahat Ali Mufti, the leadership of Ukraine and Pakistan should make efforts to strengthen relations between the countries.

From the Ukrainian side the meeting was attended by Mykola Movchan, Deputy Minister of youth and sports on European integration.

On behalf of the Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov and personally Mykola Movchan congratulated the Pakistanis with their national holiday. Wished for peace, prosperity and good to all the Pakistanis in particular and their local community in Ukraine.

"We are confident that the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Pakistan have great potential for development. We have a close relationship and would like to develop them in all fields. The Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine is interested in developing relations in the field of sports with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We would like to exchange expertise in the field of sports and youth policy. We have already begun to introduce the best practices of foreign countries. Already started reforms in the sphere of physical culture, as well as in cooperation in the field of youth policy. Young people in Ukraine should develop the country", - said Mykola Movchan.

The official also congratulated the Pakistanis with Nowruz, which was celebrated on March 21. "This is the great spring festival. I wish spring in your souls. Glory to Ukraine and glory of Pakistan," concluded Movchan.

In conclusion, officially part of the event, Wajahat Mufti Ali invited the ambassadors and guests to participate in the ceremony, cake cutting, ending a speech with the words: "Glory to Pakistan, glory to Ukraine!".

After the official part of the evening, the guests were invited to the Banquet, which was treated to dishes of national cuisine and Pakistani sweets. The evening was accompanied by a video about the attractions of Pakistan, its architecture, culture, crafts and cuisine, dance and painting, etc. And clockwork Pakistani music are not allowed to miss any of the guests of the event, with a good mood and to meet new interesting people.

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