Organization «International Union» convened leader of Arab diasporas in Ukraine

Mon, 06.04.2015 01:10

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The meeting was organized by the Government of the discussion platform "the Government and civil society: the development of common approaches and mechanisms in combating discrimination and crimes of hate". During the meeting they discussed the issues of combating discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, illegal actions of government officials, leading to the aggravation of the situation of members of the Arab Diaspora in Ukraine.

The meeting was attended by Sheikh Hussam al-Halawani, head of external relations Department, the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine, Walid al-Attiyah, Chairman of the Egyptian community in Ukraine and Hatem Audi, Vice-President of the Palestinian community in Kiev, Dr. Islam Dababseh the representative of the Union of Arab doctors in Ukraine, Mohammad Farajallah the Chairman of the NGO "Ukraine in Arabic" and Natalia Micahel, Deputy Head of the Board of the NGO "International Union".

During the meeting, Gennadiy Druzenko noted that one of the causes of the latent nature of the flow of this problem and low statistics recorded xenophobic and racist cases is the lack of activity of the representatives of the newly established diasporas in the registration statements on any of the enumerated offenses.

During the meeting the parties discussed concerns representatives of diasporas on further harassment by law enforcement and General distrust, lack of confidence in getting real protection from law enforcement authorities. 

Among the issues raised during the discussion raised the issue of the need to combat discrimination on grounds of ethnicity and xenophobia by systemic increase of public awareness and dissemination of the principles of tolerance in Ukrainian society. The panelists discussed the need to develop an integrated concept of cooperation, raising awareness on equality and non-discrimination, joint educational activities with the employees of the state border guard and customs services and law enforcement agencies, with the obligatory involvement of the security service of Ukraine and representatives of ethnic communities.

In conclusion, the parties expressed their readiness to cooperate and to carry out joint projects with the aim of combating discrimination on grounds of ethnicity representatives of government and law enforcement agencies.



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