On railroad there was explosion in Donetsk

Wed, 29.04.2015 15:56

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The explosion occurred at uncontrolled Mat the stretch South Donbass – olenivka. Today, April 29 morning, at the station of the South-Donbass – olenivka there was an explosion that destroyed about 170 meters of the railway track.

The movement of trains on this section is now closed. The territory of a stage of uncontrolled Armed forces of Ukraine.

In linear Department stressed that the territory of a stage of uncontrolled Armed forces of Ukraine and for the last 2 months this is the fourth fact of sabotage on the territory.

Event is registered in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on signs of article 113 of the criminal code of Ukraine (diversion).

Earlier on April 23 near the village of Elenovka under the locomotive of a freight train there was an explosion. The explosion damaged the track frame and fuel tank half of the locomotive. Fire and derailment occurred. The movement of trains at the site was halted.


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