Official Iftar was held in Odessa

Wed, 08.07.2015 15:04

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ July 6 at the restaurant "Gold", was held  official Iftar (dinner on the occasion of the month of Ramadan).

By tradition, each year in the month of Ramadan, the Muslim community of the city of Odessa, headed by Sheikh Ilyas organizes Iftar.

It takes action in order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between people of different nationalities of the Ukrainian society, as well as to familiarize diplomats and international organizations with the life of Muslims in Ukraine.

Attended the event government representatives, heads of the diplomatic corps of Arab, Muslim and Western countries, heads of diaspora minorities, the media and others.

The official part of the official Iftar tradition began after the evening prayer of Al-Maghrib to read the Holy Quran DUMU pupil,   after which guests were served a variety of treats.

Next, read out greetings and salutations. The event was opened by the guest of honor consul of Syria Katravy Ali, who welcomed the guests and congratulated the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. And also he said that the activities of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine and the Muslim community of the city of Odessa is highly appreciated abroad, and the authority of Sheikh Ahmad Mufti of Ukraine is very high thanks to his work in spreading true religious knowledge.

Greeting words to the Muslims came from the chairman of the district administration Malinowska, a member of the city council Evgeny Omelchuk.

Also, all participants congratulated the Honorary Consul of Latvia Oleg Veretennikov, Consul General of Romania Emil Rapcha, president of the International Charitable Foundation "Assalam" Daguerre Mohamed Saleh.

The highlight of the event was the performance of the female ensemble "Barack" and guests from the Kherson region of the "Salam" - pleasant voices of girls and beautiful words madihov will long remain in our hearts.

A final word of Odessa took Imam Sheikh Ilyas. He thanked the guests for their congratulations on Ramadan and warm wishes. He also said that the Muslims of Ukraine - an integral part of the multinational Ukrainian society and that our country is a bridge between East and West, where peacefully coexist representatives of different nations and cultures


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