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Tue, 08.09.2015 02:32

Kharkiv/Ukraine in Arabic/September 3, Kharkiv national University of urban economy named after A. N. Beketov has opened a new building for students of architecture and art workshops "ARHOUSE".

More years to prepare for this event, because the building, where at one time worked as a ski depot, was in need of repair. Today forces of the patrons in this updated creative center is located three workshops: landscape architectural, sculpture, drawing and painting. There was a place for two computer laboratories and architectural modeling with special equipment and modern software. Also earn exhibitions and art room, and a student of architecture and design office. Here is everything you need to sculpt, to layout, to design.

- "ARHOUSE", this house architecture, we open not only for our architecture Department, but also for all creative youth of the city of Kharkiv, said the rector of Kharkiv national University of urban economy named after A. N. Beketov Vladimir Babaev at the Grand opening of the housing.- Here should be everything for whom this center is for everyone. To work it on the weekend.

Preparing future architects is a traditional Kharkiv University. And the opening of the building, say its proponents, shows a deep understanding of the specifics of training of specialists creative profession, modern trends in architectural education and the needs of talented youth.

- We are opening not just a workshop, and a Studio that will combine creative, promising and talented people. It will grow all the elite of architecture, - said Deputy head of Kharkiv regional state administration Julia Svetlichnaya.

In turn, the head of the Council of rectors of higher educational institutions of Kharkiv region vil Bakirov stressed that this event is important not only for the University. A. N. Beketov, and not only for the city but for the whole Ukraine, because it is difficult to find in the country another object of this level and quality.

To work in "ARHOUSE" can join all students, without exception, and especially foreigners, which in Kharkov, by the way, learns more than just Ukraine. According to the head of Department of international relations of Kharkiv national University of urban economy named after A. N. Natalia Beketova Bibik, a University has more than 750 foreign students, the majority originating from Arab countries.

- We have no restrictions for foreigners. For all of our students in "ARHOUSE" opened the door. Conditions it the same for all, - said Natalya Bibik.

She added that most of the foreigners chooses architectural and construction departments. There they are, in addition to learning, actively engaged in scientific work. Best for foreign students in cooperation with the Ukrainian children participate in competitions and conferences. Now, thanks to "ARHOUSE" an opportunity to move from theory directly to practice.

- We congratulate the University and the city with the opening of such a facility. It is interesting for us, because here you will learn a lot of Arab students in particular from Morocco, Libya, Palestine, commented FE "Ukraine in Arabic" Nedal al-Astal , - the head of the Palestinian Diaspora in the city of Kharkiv, which formally participated in the opening of "ARHOUSE" . – For us it is important that the students here will learn practical skills, and this is something valued by employers, especially in the Eastern countries.

As noted by the representatives of the Diaspora, the opening of this building is yet another step in strengthening relations between Ukraine and Palestine.

Editor-FE "Ukraine in Arabic" Mohammad Farajallah who attended the event as an invited guest, said that "international relations are basically always been built between countries through trade and relations between Ukraine and the Arab world from the very beginning was based on export of Ukrainian knowledge through training Arab students". In his opinion, the opening of "ARHOUSE" will help prepare professionals who are leaving their countries, will be able to become successful architects, builders, etc., which in turn will attract the greater the number of Arab students.

In "ARHOUSE" future painters, sculptures, architects and designers will be taking part in a creative environment. Also, there is a plan to conduct master classes, meetings with famous personalities. As told to us in the international office of the University, they already have plans to soon meet with the graduate University. A. N. Beketov, who today is a successful projector in Lebanon. After reading "ARHOUSE" Palestinian Diaspora and in particular the representatives of the company "Mercury" has decided to give his three audiences conditioned to the work environment for talented students became more comfortable.

This year the reconstruction of the internal part of the premises held by project students and teachers of the University. Modern "ARHOUSE" according to all European standards.

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