New clip with skateboarding women in niqab caused resonance among saudis

Mon, 26.12.2016 12:28

Over few days all Saudis are visiting Youtube for watching a new music video, where covered in niqab women play basketball and skateboard through streets of kingdom. Due to wide resonance it has gained almost 600 thousands of views only for 3 days.

The song and music clip titled “Hwages” (roughly translated as concerns in English) was uploaded on YouTube on Dec. 23 and has gained more nearly half a million views since then.

The video opens to a scene showing three women wearing the niqab entering a car while a young boy takes the front steering wheel, in a nod to Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving.

The son is an attempt at critiquing the stereotypical image of Saudi women, with scenes showing men jesting at them while standing near an airplane and driving a car.

But the women in “Hwages” can be seen playing basketball, bowling and even skateboarding at one point on the streets of Saudi Arabia.

“May all men be erased as they’ve given us mental illness,” is one verse roughly translated from Arabic sang by three women in the video produced by Saudi production company 8ies Studios.

Source: Al Arabia.

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