Netherlands to commemorate the passengers of downed MH17 one month later after the crash

Mon, 18.08.2014 15:51

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ The citizens of Hilversum (Netherlands) staged a "silent march" one month after the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 was shot down by the rebels at Eastern Ukraine. There were 298 air balloons released into the sky – in a memory of every victim of horrible plane crash. Most of the dead were citizens of the Netherlands.

Forensic experts said on Friday that they had identified 127 bodies, and released 20 new names. The search was called off a week ago because of renewed fighting.

“There were many people from Hilversum who died and that’s why we are here, as citizens of the town and out of respect for those who died, there were entire families who came from Hilversum, many youngsters, so we simply have to be here,” said Renco, a resident of the town.

Dutch investigators have said they expect an initial report into the crash “within a few weeks”.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott, whose country lost 38 people in the crash, have vowed justice for the victims by finding those responsible.


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