NATO completely supports Ukraine in war against Russia

Fri, 05.09.2014 11:39

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that the declaration of the NATO summit, which is taking place in Wales, will state that NATO supports bilateral decisive actions that its member states are taking to provide military and technical support to Ukraine.

"I have never felt such a powerful support demonstrated in respect of Ukraine by the heads of state and government who represent NATO member states," the presidential press service quoted him as saying.

Poroshenko said that the partnership had always been an essential factor of international and regional security and stability, and that the security and stability "are brutally undermined by Russia's aggression against my country."

He also noted that every head of state and government had emphasized the necessity of unity and solidarity with Ukraine, which NATO should demonstrate and that "this stance was reaffirmed by the heads of state and government of NATO member states today."

Poroshenko also expressed his gratitude to NATO and individual allies for the practical help and assistance provided to Ukraine in recent months – humanitarian assistance to the civilian population affected by the armed conflict, advisory support, as well as medical treatment of injured Ukrainian servicemen.

He said that many allies had declared additional practical support for Ukraine to be provided on a bilateral basis, including commitments to contribute to newly established defense capacity building trust funds and what is especially important: "rehabilitation of wounded servicemen, bilateral military cooperation in the provision of lethal and non-lethal equipment."

"A completely new security situation created by this aggression calls for our joint actions to counter the emerged security challenges including hybrid warfare threats and, thus, to shape a new strategic framework of NATO-Ukraine cooperation," Poroshenko said.

He noted that in the course of meetings with the leaders of other states he had "a frank exchange of views on current and future NATO-Ukraine relations in this new security environment."

"We agreed that our further cooperation will be focused on achieving full interoperability between Ukraine and NATO and developing joint capabilities in military, defense and security sectors," Poroshenko said.

Agreement was also reached at the meeting to strengthen Ukraine's intensive cooperation with NATO in defense and security sector through development and capacity building programs, focusing on reform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other security structures.

He said that the second important element of the new NATO-Ukraine cooperation strategic framework was Ukraine's participation in the Partnership Interoperability Initiative.

"This will allow us to maintain a high level of interoperability between Ukrainian and NATO forces achieved though continuous participation of our national contingents in NATO-led missions and operations, joint military exercises, NATO Response Force," he said.

In addition, he said, the last but not least element of the new framework is further deepening of NATO-Ukraine Distinctive Partnership.

In this context, Poroshenko noted that remaining committed to implementing wide-ranging EU-integration related reforms Ukraine would further pursue this goal through the Annual National Program of NATO-Ukraine cooperation, along with other existing tools and mechanisms.

"Such an approach will create necessary synergy between Ukraine's European integration and Euro-Atlantic cooperation tracks," he said.


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