Muslims in Ukraine celebrated Eid al-Adha

Mon, 06.10.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On Saturday, October 4, the Muslims of Ukraine celebrated ione of the biggest Islam holidays - Eid Al-Adha (Kurban Bayram), the Feast of Sacrifice. This holiday is a symbol of the union of all believers, regardless of nationality or country of residence.

Eid al-Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the final month of the lunar Islamic calendar. On this day the pilgrimage (Hajj) to the Muslim holy places ends.

On this holiday Muslims slaughter sacrificial animals. Their meat is to be divided into three pieces: one for the poor, one for the holiday feast prepared for family, neighbors and friends, and one to be kept by the individual. Also during holiday days Muslims visit family and friends and graves of their relatives as well as offer prayers to the Almighty, asking for peace and harmony.

At this day in the Ar-Rahma Kiev mosque the Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim, giving a sermon, said that Eid al-Adha holiday reminds people about compassion, generosity and the  necessity for mutual aid, regardless of financial status, nationality or religion.

Sheikh also told about the precepts of the Prophet Mohammed, which call everybody to support each other. Besides he urged all Muslims to pray for peace in Ukraine.

During the prayer kids could play games and watch cartoons at children’s room. Upon completion of the sermon the holiday fair was organized where everybody could buy different souvenirs.

Sheikh Akhmed Tamim wished all Ukrainians unity and mutual understanding. "I wish you all to make a general contribution to the society and prosperity.

The Mufti of Ukraine also stressed the importance of international, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, as the key of peace and tranquility in our country.

On the occasion of the holiday, the mosque was visited by many dignitaries, particularly ambassadors of Muslim countries in Ukraine.


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