Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr" in Kherson region

Fri, 24.07.2015 15:13

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ On July 17, in Kherson region in the village Volnoe  Muslims celebrated the feast of ‘ID al-Fitr (Uraza Bayram).

Holiday was held on the Central square near the House of Culture. Assistance in organization of the event was provided by the head of the village Council Olga Sizova and Director of the rural house of culture Natalia Cherevko.

Started the event with the tradition of reading the Qur'an Ana. The CSC club members sang a lot of wonderful and useful numbers than and was pleased guests: cautionary verses and sayings, religious songs.

The festival was also visited by the Deputy of the regional Council Sergey Salokoski. Heads of local authorities congratulated Muslims on the holiday and wished them health, happiness, joy, unity, peace and harmony. The head of the village Council Olga Sizova observed that: "the territory of Volnenskogo village Council of Muslims arrived in 1990, and since then living here in peace and harmony. Locals and Muslims share a common life, appreciate and respect their traditions"

The event was also attended by a representative of the DUMU Sheikh Mehmet. He delivered greetings and instructions of how to raise worthy generation.

In the village Free live about 20 Muslim families, but the joint efforts attracted around 200 people. It is not only Muslims, but also representatives of other faiths, who were able to see the culture and traditions of Muslims.


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