Murders in Mukachevo, new facts

Mon, 13.07.2015 18:36

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ July 11 in Mukachevo during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada deputy of the "will of the people," Michael Lano and the head of the 1st Reserve Battalion AQL "Right Sector".

In place of the shooting near the sports center "Antares", owned by Lano, Interior Ministry officers arrived.

The armed conflict in Mukachevo drew several problems of the Ukrainian state: the inability to deal with smuggling, lack of control over armed groups of volunteers, the free movement of weapons across the country, banditry, criminality strong ties with the government.

Yarosh personally arrived in Mukachevo to resolve the conflict. The talks with him are President Poroshenko and head of the SBU Basil Gritsak.

SS leader Dmitry Yarosh called "immediately apprehend the bandits and police officials" who gave the order to fire. On the question of where did the fighters in Transcarpathia machines, machine guns and grenade launchers in the MS state that "this weapon received in fights."

Earlier, Dmitry Yarosh said publicly to ban the export of arms for the ATO with the fighters.

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