Morocco placed on 8th in rating of the most affordable and secure touristic places

Fri, 27.01.2017 17:26

A recent study by the Canadian non-profit organization has placed Morocco on 8th among the safest and affordable countries for tourists.

Protegez-Vous, non-profit organization that informs international consumers about the pros and cons of products and destinations, released its annual study ranking tourist destinations by affordability and security. The study, released in January, ranks Morocco as the 8th most economical and secure country to visit.

The ranking is the product of a comparative analysis of different elements and includes a total of 130 countries across five geographical zones: Central America, South America, and the Caribbean; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; the Middle East and Africa; and Asia and Oceania.

The study is published in the form of an interactive map with countries attributed one of 7 colors, from green (Your next destination!), to black (Insufficient data). The symbols include color coded plus and minus symbols indicating the state of each of the parameters taken into account, such as security, cost of airfare, and so forth.

Morocco ranks 8 in the study with two green pluses for cost of airfare, one plus for the cost of living, and one plus for security preceded only by Czech Republic, Moldavia, Mexico, India, Tunisia, Romania, and Colombia. Morocco ranks second among only three countries in Africa and the Middle East in green. Also, Morocco’s ranking is higher than all Western European countries.

Colombia ranked first internationally in the study with two pluses for cost of airfare, two for cost of living, and one for security. Romania came second and Tunisia third in the ranking. Algeria also received a high ranking (11th worldwide).

Most of the conventional tourist destinations that are typically thought of as the best places to visit are shown on the map in yellow.The UK ranked 92, Germany 78, France 88, and the United States 89.

Morocco has been working towards its 2020 tourism vision, which seeks to evolve Morocco into an international tourists magnet. The new reforms introduced by Morocco, the huge investment in tourism infrastructure, and the exquisite cultural richness have turned Morocco into one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world.

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Source: moroccoworldnews.com

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