More than fifty Libyans living illegally in Ukraine

Tue, 03.12.2019 15:37

The operational units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the Office of Migration Control of the State Migration Service in Kyiv exposed numerous violations of the rules for staying in Ukraine by Libyan citizens.

Law enforcement officers found out that foreigners arrived in Ukraine for the treatment purposes. Many of them remained significantly longer than it was allowed, often with a termination of up to six months. Some "patients" did not even appear in hospitals.

Law enforcement authorities have identified more than fifty Libyan violators who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of treatment. Active measures are being taken to establish their places of residence. The other day in the Kyiv region, operatives managed to expose 13 foreigners. These foreign citizens were held administratively liable and, in relation to their representatives of the migration service, it was decided to return them to their country of origin.

The heads of two private medical institutions were also held administratively liable. The question of the possible functioning of the illegal migration channel under the guise of “medical tourism” is being examined.

Source: State Border Guard
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