More than 4600 per day. Ukraine has set a new anti-record for the number of cases of COVID-19 infection

Fri, 02.10.2020 10:40

Over the past 24hrs, coronavirus was detected in 4,633 people in Ukraine, 68 deaths were recorded, and 2,148 patients recovered.

This is evidenced by the data of the National Security and Defense Council as of the morning of Friday, October 2.

In Ukraine, for the third day in a row, anti-records are set for the number of new cases per day. The day before, COVID-19 was detected in 4069 people, on September 30 - in 4027.

A record number of patients also recovered in a day. The previous highest value was recorded on September 30 (2110).

In total, 217,661 people became ill during the pandemic in Ukraine, of which 96,591 recovered and 4,261 died.

Source: NV

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