Moderate Akinci wins Turkish-Cypriot leadership runoff

Tue, 28.04.2015 22:15

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ He's most affecting chief who's won with just over sixty percent of votes the leftist moderate who is standing as an independent has promised to push for  peace deal on Cyprus the island has divided in 1974 by

Turkish invasion staged in response to a  hort-lived Greek inspired COO which aim to secure union with Greece Yeah in his victory speech again she said remember what I said no matter what they 

Do no matter what the strengths no matter what the sweetness if the time has come for a change in society no power can stop that  67-year-old beat incumbent conservative dervish oh who all that the girl in the whole the people decided they wanted change immediately said this voter on top of this change there is the solution of the Cyprus according to the nineteen 7779 agreements we supported a cane she for this we believe that the Cyprus issue will be resolved in the next five years peace negotiations are due to resume next month after a walkout by Greek Cypriots told him


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