Meeting of the Public Council for cooperation with religious organizations was held in Kiev

Tue, 28.04.2015 19:38

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The event was attended by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. The meeting was attended by the head of foreign relations Department of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine Sheikh Hussam al-DIN al-Halawani and the Mufti of Ukraine, Chairman of the DUMA Sheikh Ahmed Tamim, reports islam.ua Pavlo Klimkin thanked those present for heads and representatives of religious confessions "for the support and noted the importance of Church-state dialogue."

The Minister noted that through such dialogue we can find answers to problematic issues and identify areas for further cooperation.

Among them, the Minister highlighted information and image abroad, aimed at supporting Ukraine, providing diverse assistance from foreign partners.

"This Council will act as an Advisory body formed under the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to establish an effective interaction of the Ministry with the religious community, the public opinion in the formation and implementation of state policy, review, consult and provide practical recommendations to address issues associated with international activities Ukrainian religious organizations", - said Klimkin.

SourceUmma Inform

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