Media: Participation of Ukrainians in the Libyan conflict is fake

Fri, 12.06.2020 12:59

Earlier, some Russian media and Telegram groups published material stating that Ukrainian nationalists took part in the hostilities on the side of General Haftar as part of the Russian group of PMCs Wagner.

They referred to photographs taken in the premises where Russian mercenaries were staying, where, in addition to Nazi and Islamophobic slogans and symbols, were also revealed inscriptions used in Ukraine, including nationalists.

Ukrainian portals called this news as “ridiculous fake” that could not stand the slightest criticism.

Photo No. 1. Caption: “Glory to Ukraine!”

This inscription could not be done by a Ukrainian. First of all, because the writing of this motto in the Ukrainian language looks like “Слава Україні”, And in Russian “Слава Украине”. The inscription found in Tripoli does not correspond to non-Ukrainian, not Russian spelling.

Note that this inscription could be made by a Russian who is not familiar with the Ukrainian language. Russians know that the Ukrainian alphabet is somewhat different from the Russian one. For example, the Russian letter “и” in the Ukrainian alphabet corresponds to “i”. But here the letter “е” is written the same in both alphabets.

In addition, in the spelling of the word Ukrainian, the letter ї is used, but not і.

Photo No. 2. Caption: “Мы хохлы!”

Not a single Ukrainian will call himself Khokhl. This is a humiliating, insulting nickname used precisely by the Russians. And such an inscription could be left either by a representative of the “Russian world”, or by any other mercenary from countries supporting Khalifa Haftar and knowing how Ukrainians are called from communicating with Russian mercenaries.

Photo No. 3. Image of the Coat of Arms of Ukraine - Trident.

Photo 3 allegedly shows the coat of arms of Ukraine - the Trident on the shield. In reality, this image is more like an ancient image of the trident of Poseidon than the coat of arms of Ukraine.

The prototype of the coat of arms of Ukraine was a diving falcon and not a single Ukrainian would draw this symbol so dissimilar and detached from reality.

In fact, the person who painted this trident has a very limited idea of ​​what the coat of arms of Ukraine looks like. They could just tell him - draw a trident or “The coat of arms of Ukraine looks like a trident” and he put such an image on the wall.

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Source: Infonavigator

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