Man with bomb hijacks passenger bus in Lutsk, hostage alert announced in region

Tue, 21.07.2020 13:57

On Tuesday morning, a man possessing a bomb and weapon hijacked a bus with passengers in Lutsk, a hostage alert has been announced in the region, the police of Volyn region reported.

"This morning, the 102 hotline received a message saying that a man, who possesses a bomb and weapon, hijacked a bus with hostages in Lutsk downtown," the police said on its Facebook page,

According to the head of the police, the man published a post on social networks with dissatisfaction with the system, the attacker does not put forward any specified requirements and claims. Police are negotiating and trying to restrict civilian access to the city center.

Residents and guests of the city are asked to treat with understanding and for the sake of their own safety not to go or go to the center of Lutsk.

At about 10:10 am, a machine gun fire was heard in the center.

Source: Censor

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