Lesson about Palestine situation was held in one of Ukrainian school in Kharkov

Tue, 14.04.2015 13:33

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Sabrina was born in Ukraine. When she was a year old, she and her family went to Palestine, the homeland of his father, and because of the war they had to stay there for 11 years. In Ukraine a girl back in 2008 and is now studying in grade 10. The Sabrina is going to continue to live in Ukraine and to go to one of the local universities.

The main purpose of the event was to show Ukrainian schoolchildren another culture, to tell more about Islam and about ordinary people's lives in the Eastern countries. Sabrina spoke about Palestine, its geography, the customs of the country. About what women and men, on the official language and the capital of Palestine. Also, she brought a poster with the national symbols of Palestine and showed a video that tells the story of war 2014 between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Students, in turn, were able to ask Sabrina questions. Mostly they concerned the rights of women in Eastern cultures, food, traditions and religious rites. The girl also showed the traditional hijab, prayer Mat and special winter clothing for women. Open lesson was held in a friendly, warm atmosphere, and left only good memories.

Note that such events contribute to tolerance among people. After all, who's even slightly familiar with the culture and traditions of other Nations, much more relaxed view of people of other nationalities, religions, races, which meets on the streets of their country. And this, in turn, affect the image of Ukraine in the world as a tolerant, democratic state.

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