Lebanese woman anticipated own death in Istanbul attack

Tue, 03.01.2017 12:32

One of the Lebanese citizens killed in the attack on night club in Turkey, wrote a terrible post on her Facebook page just before flying to Istanbul.

Rita Chami, who lost her mother because of the cancer four months ago, shared her thoughts: "I hope we will have a fun [in Turkey], in the worst case I die due to the explosion and will follow my mother ''.

According to a source, her brokenhearted father told Lebanon’s MTV: “I tried to stop her [from going to Turkey] but she decided to go with her friends.”

Rita also posted on her Facebook a poem in Arabic about the dead and whether “they are always there ... always among us and around us.” There were several other posts grieving the loss of her mother.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the gun attack on the Istanbul nightclub which killed 39 people, the group said in a statement on Monday.

Source: Al Arabiya

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