Le Pen will force jews refuse Israeli citizenship in case of being elected

Fri, 10.02.2017 10:56

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from the far-right National Front party said that in the event of her election, she will oblige the Jews with dual citizenship to choose between France and Israel. Such a statement was made during an interview on France 2 TV on Thursday.

"I am opposed to a policy allowing dual citizenship in [non-European] countries," she said.

During the two-hour-long interview, host Léa Salamé questioned whether Le Pen was the French-Jewish viewers "if they are willing to renounce their dual Israeli citizenship."  Le Pen responded in the affirmative. "Israel is not a European Union country," she said.

Le Pen noted that such a policy would not be about Jews but rather about French Israelis, "to whom I ask to choose their nationality."

She added later that people who would choose to give up their French citizenship would not have to leave the country. "France is perfectly capable of allowing foreigners on its soil, even for a long time, as long as they respect French laws and values." 

"We rarely have issues with Israel on this subject," she said. 

Le Pen is a leading contender in the upcoming French presidential contest, with a recent poll showing her advancing to the second round of balloting in May but still losing handily to front-runner Emmanuel Marcon. Her political party, the National Front, was founded by her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who routinely minimized the Holocaust.

The younger Le Pen has sought to move the party past her father’s controversies, but French Jewish leaders still consider the National Front anti-Semitic.

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Source: jpost.com

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