Kyiv Mayor asks to disband City Council

Thu, 19.09.2019 17:25

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has asked the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, to disband the city council of the eighth convocation and call early local elections.

"We see there is no quorum, i.e. not everyone is ready to work, and therefore I ask the parliament to disband the city council of the eighth convocation and appoint early elections in Kyiv. And now let members [of the council] go and tell the people of Kyiv how they have worked," Klitschko said from the city council's rostrum after a signal vote to determine the number of members of the council in the session hall.

It is reported only 38 members were registered in the session hall, while at least 61 are needed for a session to begin. Thus, there is no quorum for opening the meeting, which was postponed since last Thursday for the same reason. Klitschko says after a long break, the city council has to start addressing vital issues today, in particular, social benefits and preparations for the heating season. He thanked those members of the city council who came to work on Thursday, September 19.

Source: Unian

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