Kyiv authorities approved a building of Maydan museum in downtown

Wed, 25.01.2017 11:31

The Kyiv City Council's permanent commission on urban development, architecture and land use has agreed a draft decision on granting permission to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes National Memorial to develop a project of a Museum of the Revolution of Dignity, the Kyiv City Council’s press service reports, referring to the commission’s draft decision adopted Tuesday.

Now the draft decision is to be considered at a plenary session of the City Council.

According to Deputy Mayor, City Council Secretary Volodymyr Prokopiv, the Institute of National Remembrance along with volunteers has collected nearly 2,000 artifacts that require certain conditions for the preservation, restoration, and exhibition. At the moment, they are temporarily stored in unsuitable conditions in the Ivan Honchar Museum and the Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II. But these museums have not enough space even for their own collections.

Were reported earlier, today the museums’ staff called on the authorities to resolve as soon as possible to resolve the issue on the creation of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial Complex, the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan Museum).

Source: UNIAN

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