Kyiv among most transparent European capitals

Thu, 22.08.2019 14:57

Vilnius, Kyiv, Madrid, Prague, Pristina and Tallinn are the most transparent European capitals.
These are the results of a pilot study conducted by representatives of Transparency International from 20 countries, TI reports.

In 2018, experts under the auspices of Transparency International Slovensko rated 26 capitals using 14 indicators. In particular, they examined the access to information about the city budget, public procurement, work of the major and deputies. Experts studied local government websites and consideration of citizens’ appeals.

“Kyiv has been ranked among the leaders of this pilot study thanks to the convenient national public procurement system ProZorro, the public register of electronic declarations and the completeness of information on the Kyiv City State Administration website. At the same time we do not have a register of lobbyists, like in Madrid, information about the mayor’s and their advisers’ salaries,” said Andrii Borovyk, the Executive Director of TI Ukraine.

Transparency International Ukraine has developed and is implementing the Transparency Ranking of the 100 Biggest Ukrainian Cities. The TI Ukraine team annually analyses cities measuring 91 indicators in 13 areas. In two years, the average transparency of cities has increased by 36%. In 2018, Drohobych, Mariupol and Vinnytsia became the leaders of the Ranking.

Source: Ukrinform

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