Israeli representatives left the assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union because of Kuwait's accusations of "state terrorism"

Thu, 19.10.2017 17:13

The envoys of Israel left the hall during the meeting of the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which is being held in St. Petersburg. They made such decision after the humiliating speech of the Kuwaiti representative Marzuk al-Ghanim.

As reported by Ynet, on the afternoon of October 18 the Arab began attack Israel, showering them with a bunch of "offensive antisemitic claims" as the Israeli media write. 

He continued: “I say to the brutal occupier, if you do not feel shame, then do as you please.”

Al-Ghanim said the Israeli delegate “represents the most dangerous form of terrorism; state terrorism”.

The head of the delegation of the Palestinian National Council at the IPU, Azzam Al-Ahmad, said Al-Ghanim’s words expressed the thoughts of all the Arab nations.

“Al-Ghanim’s words in front of the delegates shine a light on the wounds Palestinians have suffered,” Al-Ahmad said.

He added that international parliaments have now been made aware of the Palestinians’ suffering in their quest for their “right to self-determination, to end the Israeli occupation and to establish an independent Palestinian state.”

The 137th session of the IPU is currently underway in St Petersburg, Russia. The international organisation sees representatives from 176 sovereign states come together for negotiations and talks.

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Source: arab.com.ua

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