Israeli forces killed palestinian minor anb injured few others near Ramallah

Fri, 24.03.2017 19:01

A 17-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammad al-Hattab was killed and three others were seriously injured, in the head and chest, after Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened their gunfire at them at the entrance of al-Jalazun refugee camp near Ramallah, Thursday evening.

The Palestinian health ministry revealed, in a brief statement, that the injured young men were transferred to hospital operation rooms.

Local source said that the wounded are 18-19 years old and that the IOF soldiers deliberately targeted them.

The Israeli army claimed, in a statement, that the shooting targeted a group of Palestinians who threw Molotov cocktails at Beit El settlement.

The IOF shooting led to the death of a minor and injuries among others, the statement added .

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Source: PNN

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