Israeli ambassador told who should not be considered heroes of Ukraine

Sun, 12.01.2020 19:23

Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Yoel Lyon appealed to the Verkhovna Rada, advising parliamentarians to remove from the list of national heroes the names of certain historical figures allegedly involved in organizing Jewish pogroms and convicted of aiding Nazis.

Lyon noted that he was glad to have the opportunity to discuss the “controversial Ukrainian historical figures” with members of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy of the Parliament of Ukraine.

“We had an open and sincere discussion. We will meet again, ”he said.

The Israeli diplomatic mission in the person of Lyon has already expressed its position on the planned official honoring of well-known Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazi regime. This list includes the military and political figure Andrei Melnik, one of the founders of the SS Galichina detachment, Vladimir Kubiyovich, writer Ulas Samchuk, as well as Vasily Levkovich, Vasily Sidor, Kirill Osmak, Alexander Vyshinsky, Vasily Galas, Yaroslav Starukh and Maxim Zaliznyak.

The Israeli embassy emphasized that the recognition of their national heroes is an insult to the memory of 6 million Jews who died during the Second World War.

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Source: EADaily

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