Islam and Europe

Tue, 24.02.2015 19:18

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The killers were Muslim brothers and said Sheriff Koichi. Does this change the position and the attitude towards Muslims in the world. Unfortunately , Yes. Although it is important to analyze the facts and the situation in General.

Everyone knows that the magazine Charlie Hebdo provocative and touched the feelings of believers who profess Islam.  Among known cartoonists and authors of the journal were also Christians, and Jews, separately Pope was the darling of the French shark pen.

For example, once the cover of the album had the headline: "Finally, Michael Jackson became white." On either side is far from political correctness. However, it is the Muslims were the ones who pulled the trigger. Editor Stefan Carbone also became a victim of the brothers said, and the Sheriff Koichi. The media has reported that the killer knew his victims, and called them by name. Such training criminals gives ample room for suspicions and theories.


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