ISIS attacks Iraqi forces in Mosul with five suicide car bombs

Wed, 17.05.2017 15:01

ISIS militants launched an attack on Iraqi forces in the al-Rafaei neighborhood in Mosul on Wednesday morning using five suicide car bombs.

Iraqi forces have recaptured nearly 90 percent of west Mosul from ISIS after retaking the city’s eastern side earlier this year, a military spokesman said on Tuesday.

Neighborhoods around the historic Old City with its narrow streets and crowded buildings make it difficult for military vehicles and armored vehicles to progress, forcing Iraqi forces to fight street by street on foot.

In an interview with al-Hadath, Iraqi army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya al-Zubaidi said, “We will soon announce full control of Mosul.”

“We will adopt a new tactic in the coming days,” he added, as Iraqi forces make their final push against the militants after seven months of fighting.

Source: Al Arabiya

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