Iranian troops went to Iraq

Thu, 19.03.2015 10:53

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The Iranian army General Ahmed Cut Birdstone stated that their actions were coordinated with Iraq. This publication reports al-Arabiya, citing the Iranian army General Ahmad Reza Birdstone. The General said that in Iraq consisted of five brigades of the ground forces in order to repel a possible attack group "Islamic state".

Birdstone stressed that such actions were fully consistent with the Iraqi government, when terrorists tried to organize the invasion of Iran and the Western border in July last year.

Recall, on the eve of Birdstone stated that the approach of the terrorists to the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a distance of less than 40 km, will be considered a red line.

After this statement, the militants of the Islamic state" took this warning and withdrew from the border.

It is worth noting that Iran's first officially recognized the military intervention in neighboring country. Previously Tehran insisted on only limited support, namely the supply of military advisers and weapons to Shiite militias. The experts believe that under the pretext of the threat of terrorism, Iran is trying to expand its influence in the neighbouring country.

SourceUmma Inform

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