Iranian short movies will be shown in Canada

Wed, 20.08.2014 15:32

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ The short movie ‘Watch’ by Teimour Ghaderi and ‘1-0’ directed by Saman Hussein Pour are produced by Kurdistan Province Art Center and are planned to go on displays during 8th festival of one-minute movies in Toronto.

The festival broadcasts its movies on displays in 63 subway stations across Toronto where reportedly 1.2 million commuters watch the movies.

‘Watch’ is scheduled to be broadcast along with eight other movies within “Time Machine” category a whole day on September 8.

The movies are also presented on the festival’s official website where people can watch and vote for the movies as of September 3.

80 movies from 33 countries have been accepted to Toronto one-minute film festival which will be held from September 3-13.


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