Iranian officials suggest to revoke citizenship of those who are holding 2 passports

Thu, 12.01.2017 09:56

Iran will revoke the citizenship of people who have a passport of another state. Iranian state's media reported.

This statement was outspoken by the Iranian authorities of Justice and coincided with a heated debate regarding the Iranian officials, who have dual citizenship and accused of espionage.

The Speaker of the Committee of National Security Affairs in the Iranian Parliament Hussain Naqvi Hussaini was cited in Mizzan news agency saying: “According to Iranian law, holding a dual citizenship is akin to a crime.”

“Citizenship would be withdrawn from Iranians holding dual nationalities’’, pointing out to a blurring legal point in identifying the (US) green card, residency, and dual citizenship,’ he added.

Mohammed Ali Burmukhtar, a member of the Judiciary Committee in the Iranian Parliament,  said: “Even though Iranian law prohibits the citizens from holding dual nationalities, there are 40 officials’ dual nationals working in different government departments.”

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Source: Al Arabiya

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