Iran condemns Tillerson's accusations of seeking hegemony

Thu, 15.06.2017 14:01

Iran has condemned US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's accusations that the Islamic Republic had "aspirations of hegemony in the region," saying the remarks violate international laws.

The top US diplomat’s remarks are “interventionist, in gross violation of the compelling rules of international law, unacceptable and strongly condemned,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said in Tehran Thursday.

In a statement to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, Tillerson said the Iranian government “continues activities and interventions that destabilize the Middle East.”

He cited Iran’s support for the legitimate Syrian government in its counter-terrorism fight, Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement, and fighters in Iraq and allegedly in Yemen who are battling militants.

“We and our allies must counter Iran’s aspirations of hegemony in the region,” Tillerson said.

Qassemi cited a history of US "meddling in Iran in different forms" since the 1950s, saying the policy has only brought about “defeat and global shame” for Washington.

“Confusion, vulnerability to false insinuations and escape from reality are among the distinctive features of the new American government's foreign policy,” he added.

Over the past years, the Iranian government and nation have demonstrated that they would stand up to protect “the sovereignty of the country, the government and ideals with unity, prudence, rationality and wisdom,” Qassemi said. 

Iran has been providing military advisory support to both Iraq and Syria in their campaign against terrorism at the request of the two countries’ governments. Tehran has also been backing Hezbollah against Israel.

On Yemen, Tehran has repeatedly called for an end to the bloody Saudi military campaign against the impoverished nation, launched to eliminate the Houthi movement and reinstall a Riyadh-friendly former government.

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