International European University and IP "Ukraine in Arabic" signed a cooperation agreement

Tue, 16.02.2021 14:16

On Thursday, January 21, the "International European University" was visited by the editor-in-chief of the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" Mohammad Farajallah, the chairman of the board of the NGO "Arab House" Salah Zakut and the president of the "ALSAFIR" company Mohammed Abbas.

During the visit, the guests were accompanied by Alla Navolokina, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and international relations of the university, and other employees of the university, who acquainted with the main institutes and the work of different departments of the university, with a new philosophy of approach to the educational process, and also presented the latest technologies used in the process of teaching students. The guests visited the auditoriums where students study, the assembly hall and libraries, got acquainted with the leadership and staff of the university.

Mohammad Farajallah expressed his admiration for the work of the staff of the International European University and respect for the leadership of the university in the person of Alla Navolokina.

Following the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" and the International European University, within the framework of which joint events are planned in the near future.

Mohammad Farajallah thanked for the meeting, wishing the leadership and staff of the university further success, good health, peace and prosperity.

Alla Navolokina thanked the editor-in-chief of the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" for the attention, trust and appreciation of the university's work, and expressed her hope that the cooperation would be fruitful and long-term.

For reference: the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" - a portal that is a powerful source of news from the Middle East and other Muslim states, is presented in Russian. The portal provides news about events in Ukraine in Arabic, while acting as a kind of information bridge between Ukraine and the Islamic world.

Note that the "International European University" took the third place in the TOP-20 higher educational institutions of Ukraine in terms of the number of issued invitations to foreign applicants for study.

Earlier in Kiev, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" and the public organization "Association of Ukrainian and Arab Businessmen and Investors" (AUABI).

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