International children's festival "Children for peace" in Kiev

Wed, 20.05.2015 18:52

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Festival "Children for peace" is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural identities of ethnic groups living in Ukraine, to unite children around the idea of mutual respect, to convey to them that national identity, language and skin color does not interfere with friends, co-exist peacefully in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Project organizers: international Fund for cultural cooperation (President - Vlada Litovchenko), the Fund for support of youth and Olympic (President - Inna Silantyev), with the support of the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine and the Deputy of the Kyiv city Council Alla Shlapak.

During the Festival, children and adults are introduced to the traditions of different countries:

at 12:00 in the lobby of the Palace of children and youth will be held an international exhibition of children's art "children are painting the world" and workshops on decorative arts of different peoples from foreign embassies

14:00 – beginning of the gala concert program of creative numbers performed by children on the theme "Parade of world cultures".

Official the official part will start with a Hymn Festival "Children for peace", created especially for this festival and recorded by the children's choir in different languages.

With a welcoming speech at the event are: the Minister of culture of Ukraine, the Minister of education and science of Ukraine, the Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine, as well as Ambassadors and diplomats of foreign States, Palestine, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Georgia, etc. Among the invited guests – representatives of international organizations, ministries and departments of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Kyiv city Council.


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